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How is silk good for your skin?

You may have heard that silk is good for your skin.

A fabric, good for the skin? Some people are skeptical... How could a material be good for our skin?

Silk preserves the moisture of your skin 

Silk is a noble fabric that has many benefits for the skin. 

The skin of the face is particularly sensitive and is exposed to many problems; dryness, irritation, dullness due to pollution...

Silk has the particularity of not absorbing liquids. This characteristic is a great advantage for your skin routine. Indeed, this fabric does not absorb water from your skin. It prevents it from dehydrating and protects it from external aggressions.

Unlike cotton, which is known to absorb all liquids very quickly. Thus, cotton absorbs all the moisture of your skin. With silk, you can even apply your day cream before putting on your mask or your night cream before putting your head on the pillow: nothing will be absorbed!

Silk prevents irritation

Silk is an extremely soft material, so it does not irritate your skin and is very pleasant to the touch. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic, so you can say goodbye to pimples with silk products! You can wear a silk mask all day without worrying about redness or skin problems.

Silk is also an ideal material for face masks; it is soft and breathable!

These characteristics make silk the material of choice for all the accessories we wear near our face; face masks, sleep masks, and pillowcases.

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