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Silk: the ideal material for masks?

mulberry silk face maskMany solutions are available for face masks; surgical masks, cotton masks...

But silk has many advantages, and several studies have shown that it could be the best material for face masks. 


Silk, a soft and breathable material

First of all, it is a very comfortable and soft material. The skin of the face being particularly delicate and sensitive, silk proves to be an ally of choice for a mask that remains on the skin for hours. 

In addition, silk has a fine mesh, making it a breathable material that is pleasant to wear. A particularity of silk is to prevent moisture. Silk thus prevents the skin from becoming moist under the mask, and thus avoids that unpleasant feeling of dampness that bothers many of us.

Researchers have tested different materials and found that silk absorbs far less water vapor than any other fabric. It is said to be hydrophobic.

Silk is hypoallergenic and good for the skin

Silk also contains a natural antimicrobial agent: serines. These are proteins that inhibit the growth of bacteria and even destroy certain viruses. This peculiarity makes silk masks hypoallergenic and thus a great choice for face masks. 

Thus, while conventional masks can cause irritation and small pimples on the skin, there is no risk with silk masks.

On the contrary, since silk does not absorb water, it maintains the natural hydration of the skin and is one of the only fabrics that does not dry it out. In addition to protecting against the virus, it is an integral part of your beauty routine!

Natural mulberry silk is one of the best possible qualities of silk.

Silk is thermo-regulating 

As if that wasn't enough, silk is thermo-regulating: it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer! Indeed, its insulating properties allow it to retain body heat in winter and reject it in summer.

There is nothing like a silk scarf in winter to keep you warm without overloading you with layers of clothing, or silk sheets in summer to keep your body cool.


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